"The cork oak is the only tree whose bark self-regenerates, acquiring a smoother texture after each extraction."

One of nature's most extraordinary products.


Cork is the bark of the cork oak ( Quercus suber L. ), which means it is a 100% natural plant tissue. It is formed by a beehive of microscopic cells filled with an air-like gas and coated mostly with suberin and lignin. 

Taken every nine years, without any trees being cut during this process, cork gives rise to a multitude of products, from the traditional to the most innovative and unexpected and in our case 

Extraction is done by highly skilled professionals, always between May and August, when the tree is in a more active phase of growth and it becomes easier to detach it without injuring the trunk.  

The combination of the natural characteristics of cork makes this 100% natural, recyclable and renewable raw material, ideal for footwear with an excellent performance and great results in footbed’s correction, pain relieving and comfort.

1. Walking Comfort
The great elasticity of cork offers a low impact transference to your ankles, shins and knees, reducing joint stress. Cork and its shock absorption capacity, is able to hold the heel and foot in an orthopedically correct position. Walking on cork shoes is not only comfortable underfoot but throughout the body.  

2. Thermal Control
Due to very low thermal conductivity, cork is very comfortable all-year round.

 3. Odor Resistance
As you may know, bacteria feeds on the sweat secreted by feet when inside footwear. Cork is a 100% natural product and it is not a medium for microorganisms creating a naturally anti-bacterial environment. Cork footwear will naturally be relatively odor-free just from normal use.

Cork provides support throughout a long walking day and it’s recognized by the orthopedic shoe manufacturers and specialists as the best product to maintain feet and body healthy.